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Payesh Group has officially started its activities since.2016
This group is one of the most successful companies in the construction, oil, gas and petrochemical industries using up-to-the-day knowledge and the use of experts. Also, senior managers and main planners of payesh group, using their effective experiences, follow the realization of designed programs. This group has always been keeping pace with changes in the business environment with extensive insight and by prioritizing strategies and optimal allocation of resources, it is moving rapidly in the path of growth and creating usefulness for society.
This holding By short, medium and long-term policies and strategies and providing financial and human resources, this complex has directed its subsidiaries at the strategic level, resulting in the creation of a systematic structure based on the principles of professional business standards. The strategic goal of a monitoring group is to increase loyal brands, increase the total revenue of the group, increase the experts of the group to obtain domestic and foreign awards, increase exports, develop foreign offices, increase profitability, increase customer satisfaction, increase employee satisfaction and increase market share.

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Payesh Tejarat San’at Aseman

Payesh Tejarat San’at Aseman company has started its unofficial activities in field of produce and supply of high consumption sections and equipment in Iran’s oil and gas with utilizing managerial power and knowledge and attracting specialized and efficient personnels since 2006 and was officially established in 2016.

Due to the appropriate response to customer needs and increasing market share, in line with the change in the policy of the Ministry of Oil in the transfer of upstream and downstream projects of oil and gas industry in the form of EPC and PC to contractors, the company with regard to proper communication with manufacturers Valid internally and externally at all stages of project cost estimation and procurement have been supported by a wide range of customers. The company also has the ability to import updated technology to create reverse engineering for production such as valves and industrial pumps, Vapor Saver equipment for gas stations and Dispenser for LPG and CNG stations with the presence of technical and specialized personnel.


In 1977, with the help of a group of experienced engineers, the company succeeded in registering in the Registration Office of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran Province with the number 28766. The result of uninterrupted efforts has been the implementation of hundreds of kilometers of water, oil, gas and petrochemical transmission lines, which is a positive approach to a bright future. A future that will take the full life of all these peoples of the land.

After registration on 04/06/1977 and starting work, TechnoboIler started its activities in the implementation of gas plumbing system of residential, commercial and industrial units and after several design, construction and installation of stations Imitation and increased pressure as well as the construction of oil storage tanks in the refinery was put on its agenda, which after completing technical information in the field of oil industry, construction industry and industrial equipment, started its work professionally.

Energy Gostar Mad Company

In the fields of industry, petrochemicals, refineries, oil and gas, power plants, pipelines and other industries by establishing various branches insideEnergy Gostar Mad Company, as one of the private companies, operates in the following fields in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The engineering department of Energy Gostar Mad company, using the experiences of experienced engineers, designs the products of this company with the help of specialized software. The research and development unit of the company, together with the engineering and production units, is responsible for optimizing the design and manufacturing of products, as well as collecting and transferring executive experience.

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